Liquid Smile

Liquid Smile
Liquid Smile is professional strength whitening at an affordable price. It is the first and only Professional WHITENING PEN that is only available through physicians. The smart pen design allows for precision control, with little sensitivity. The time release gel is fast absorbing, it becomes inactive within 15 minutes. This allows for flexible usage, it can be used just once a day or more frequently for faster results. With 12% hydrogen peroxide, it is 3 times stronger and 4 times faster acting than carbamide peroxide - which is used in strips and trays. A single pen will produce a 2-4 shade improvement.

Liquid Smile is a sleek new way for clients to whiten their smile at will. Its fast acting formula allows for it to be applied anywhere, and its almost invisible gel allows for you to go about your day with no compromise to your speech pattern.
Simple - It only takes 30 seconds to apply
Powerful - Professional strength Dental Whitening
Convenient - Easy to Use, Anytime, Anywhere
Liquid Smile comes in three flavors: Mint, Lemon Lime, Rootbeer and Cola. All flavors are mild, and each pen comes with 30 applications.

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