Summertime skin care

Summertime Skin Care: Keep it Safe, Smooth & Supple

June 10, 2013

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and maintaining youthful skin, you have probably already developed a few beneficial habits, such as wearing sunscreen on a daily basis and reapplying it throughout the day. As important as these protective measures are, however, here is some unfortunate news for you.

Facing the sun’s damaging rays with sunscreen alone just isn’t enough.

While we know that the sun’s UV rays are a major cause of skin damage, there are other, less well known dangers. Among these are UV-induced free radicals, unstable and chemically reactive molecules which can wreak havoc on healthy skin cells and accelerate the appearance of aging.

What follows are a few tips on summer time skin care, some of which will be new to you and some of which you may have heard before. For the sake of your skin, all of these tips are worth repeating.

Protect yourself with antioxidants

Incorporating antioxidant rich skin care products in your daily skin care routine is a must in order to protect your skin against free radicals. These products should be used alongside your sunscreen for maximum protection.

We suggest trying some exciting products from Skin Ceuticals. Phloretin CF, an antioxidant treatment available in different formulas appropriate for various skin types, and Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50, a slightly tinted, weightless, and water resistant sunscreen. Use these products together and face the summer sun with confidence that you are doing your part to protect and maintain the health of your skin.

Avoid the temptation to tan

If you have ever felt like popular media sends mixed messages, you are not alone. While we are warned of the dangers of the sun and reminded about the importance of protection, we are simultaneously flooded with images of tanned celebrities and models. After many months of winter, we also know that the sun feels good, and nothing says summer has arrived like a day at the beach!

But avoiding the temptation to tan is critical to skin care. It is also easy to forget how much sun exposure you may get incidentally, during your daily commute, or while taking a leisurely walk or spending time in your garden. Protecting exposed areas of skin is vital, even if you only plan to spend a short time outdoors.

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